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Stardek Wall Overlay System:

Is a lightweight, insulated, fiber reinforced acrylic cement material for walls. Stardek Overlay System offers various patterns and designs that can be applied directly to drywall or other wall surfaces including concrete.

Superior Bonding:

Stardek Overlay Products form an unusually strong lasting bond with most building materials. Bonds to concrete, foam board, drywall, cement, or gypsum board, plasters, etc.


Stardek Overlay has unusual flexural qualities enabling it to withstand the normal controlled movement of many substrate applications where a rigid, brittle cementitious coating would fail.


Field and laboratory testing has proven superior waterproofing capability in both below grade and above-grade applications.


Based on years of actual field applications Stardek Overlay Products are highly resistant to the effects of weathering and exposure to the elements, even in severe conditions such as freeze-thaw and high temperatures.

Stardek overlay materials can be textured, stamped or hand sculpted and then color pigmented.

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Counter Tops

The above samples are merely an indication of the many colors possible when properly using Stardek Acid Stain. Results may very as the effects of stardek are unique to each concrete surface. Test samples should always be made before determining the final color. Many more combinations can be achieved by using Stardek color hardener. To obtain lighter colors, use a light color or white color hardener

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